How can Seera help you?

Seera’s cloud based unified talent management solution is amazingly easy to use for everything from candidate sourcing to succession. Seera’s simple and intuitive approach is based on a competency framework foundation. It delivers unprecedented time and cost savings with accelerated recruitment, competency quantified people, gap analysis, workforce planning, resource allocation, compliance management and project resource modelling.

Find out how Seera can improve your employee life cycle and productivity by exploring just some of its amazing features

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Ever recruited the wrong person?

If the answer is yes then you’ll realise what a time consuming and costly exercise it can be. The time it takes to recruit, the cost of letting people go and the reduction in productivity can be into the tens of thousands of dollars for a single position.

At Seera competency frameworks are a benchmark for recruitment, individual performance and professional development; they are at the core of our unified talent management solution. Don’t sift through hundreds of resumes when Seera’s highly intuitive solution will match the right candidate for you. Like to know more about competency frameworks and how they’ll save your business time and money?

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Are you really getting the most from your employees?

Rapidly review teams with Skills Gap Analysis. Perform instant skills gap analysis across your entire organisation, departments, teams and projects.

Instant results without spreadsheets! Use insights to inform learning and development plans and succession plans to better engage your employees.

Engaged Employees leads to:

  • Higher service levels and productivity, this in turn leads to…
  • Improved customer satisfaction…
  • Increased sales, retention and referrals, and ultimately…
  • Higher profit and shareholder return.

Our Solutions

At Seera we have a solution for all of your talent management needs. No matter what you need solved, we have a solution for your business; big or small.