Why partner with Seera?

Our partner strategy is to recruit successful partners that complement our solutions and have considerable vertical market expertise. Our goal is not to flood the market with “resellers” simply to gain geographical coverage.

We’ve designed the Seera Partner Program to help you grow your business and build rewarding relationships with your clients. Seera will provide you with the tools, resources, support and guidance you need to rapidly grow a profitable and sustainable business.

Our partner program was designed by partners for partners – it’s all you need – and more importantly it’s free.

Your status level begins at Registered and you earn points from the bringing new clients on board, attending events and attending our free training and certification.

Seera Partner Program

The Seera Partner Program is the organising framework for delivering valuable benefits to help you succeed and strengthen our mutual relationship.

Joining offers you access to the benefits you need to begin building and selling Seera solutions to better meet your clients’ needs.

Seera Registered Partner

With no initial investment, begin the journey to grow your business with Seera. Registered partners will have access to:

  • Seera Solutions training
  • Seera branding
  • Sales & marketing assets
  • Access to resell SeeraProfessional.

Seera Select Partner

Select level requires minimal commitment and allows partners to earn incentives recognising your commitment and success.

Select Partners are recognised and rewarded with access to a comprehensive set of benefits and resources including:

  • Marketing and campaign support
  • Technical support and consulting assistance
  • Access to resell SeeraProfessional solutions

Seera Advanced Partner

Advanced partners have demonstrated a high level of skills and market success. They are committed to maintaining a prosperous business relationship with Seera.

Advanced members of the Seera Partner Program get all the benefits of the Select level plus additional high value benefits including:

  • Event and campaign support funding
  • Consultative training workshops
  • Preferred partner technical support
  • Access to resell SeeraCloud solutions

Seera Premier Partner

Seera Premier Partners have achieved the highest membership level by demonstrating their superior skills and market success. Premier partners actively collaborate with Seera to deliver significant value by providing a consultative approach to their clients. Premier partners get all of the benefits of the Advanced level plus:

  • Product development roadmaps
  • Partner Council Membership
  • Joint marketing planning
  • Access to resell SeeraEnterprise

Other Programs

Seera Solution Advisor Program

The Seera Solution Advisor program is designed for specialist consultancy firms who want to use the Seera framework for their consulting for their clients. Typically, Solution Advisors will work directly with the Seera Sales team in designing and implementing the right solution for their clients. Solution Advisors are rewarded with access to a comprehensive set of benefits and resources including:

  • Technical support and consulting assistance
  • Consultative training workshops
  • Marketing and campaign support

Seera Alliance Partners Program

The Seera Alliance Partner program is designed for profiling and assessment organisations who want to use and integrate their solutions to the Seera platform. Alliance Partners are rewarded with access to a comprehensive set of benefits and resources including:

  • Technical support and consulting assistance
  • Framework integration and support
  • Access to the Seera Marketplace

Seera Ready Program

The Seera Ready program is designed for industry bodies who want to take advantage of the Seera framework for their members. We will work closely with Ready Program members to help them integrate in their own industry competency framework to the Seera platform, create career planning tools, self-assessment programs, peer based skills and competency reviews, succession planning and mentoring programs, organisational competency management and access to a unique profiling candidate resourcing tool.